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I am a dōTERRA  inspired mom, wife, nurse and educator with an all around passion for living a holistic lifestyle and designing my best life for me and my family.  With two toddlers and one on the way we have a busy home that runs on love, laughter and lots of oils! 

It is my hopes that my journey inspires other women with education and resources to get you started in your own journey to self care, self love , health, happiness, and freedom.


I have always been passionate about prevention in healthcare and my personal journey into what's referred to as "alternative health" began just after I had my daughter and developed extreme psoriasis.  I went to the doctor and then the dermatologist and I was given the diagnosis guttate psoriasis. I was told quite simply that there is no cure, its auto-immune, so we don't know why and their was pretty much nothing that I could do but treat the spots with steroids, immunosuppressive therapy and UV light treatments.  All with not without their own risks and side effects and all just marginally effective.   I did try the cream and line up for light treatments with a dozen other people 3 x per week, however I just could not let it go that there was no cause or nothing triggering this and that I was just supposed to live like this. 


I knew my story was not uncommon and I wanted answers.   I have had psoriasis on and off in my life, nothing like this but surely something has to have triggered this?  The frustrating thing is that I did ask the dermatologist, pleaded that surely something has triggered this. Perhaps I should see an allergist or something.   I did my own research and ended up seeing a naturopathic doctor, in which I have to admit would have never seen one before.   I started with the food sensitivity testing and my results came back showing I was highly sensitive to 4 things, orange, adgar adgar, the cola nut and peas. PEAS!!!  Right after having Marley I started the Vega protein shake and I was having it twice a day, in the morning as a shake and at night mixed with almond butter and chocolate chips (a little cookie dough recipe).  Oh my gosh I can’t tell you, as soon as I saw the word pea! I had already attempted to take out dairy, but who would have thought about the pea!  (which is why if your having an issue and haven't had the food sensitivity testing done, it is so important) . So obviously I switched to a whey protein shake and within two weeks everything was gone and stopped coming.   This was basically the moment that I made it my mission to help people and make them aware that there are other options and just because you have been diagnosed and labelled with some grim autoimmune disorder or a chronic condition it  doesn’t mean it’s the end, you don't have to accept it.    I was lucky, it is not always a food sensitivity but the first place one should always look with any autoimmune is the gut.   Don't you feel like even just looking is better then not, the no cure, no investigation – here’s some band-aid pharmaceuticals to treat your symptoms.  Hence my love for the holistic approach, which considers the individual and everything going on from nutrition, relationships, stress and the environment.

During all this dōTERRA essential oils also came to me, and while the frankincense and lemongrass did help in clearing up the psoriasis what the oils really did for me was support a healthy lifestyle and form daily healthy habits.  My SELF CARE is now a non-negotiable part of my life and the results have been massive. Putting caring for my self as a top priority enables me to do so much more for my family and community.  I reduced the chemicals, fragrances, pharmaceuticals and toxins that I put into my body and my home.  Keeping my bucket empty wherever I could) and replacing them with oils that actually supported my body both physically and mentally.  From uplifting my moods, to boosting my immune system, to getting a restful nights sleep----They truly have been life changing!

Holistically Rebecca

I believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
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